Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric (30 Count)

Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric (30 Count)



Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric / 30 count

  • For use on minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
  • Highly absorbent, non-stick pad to protect the wound, with a 4-sided seal that helps keep dirt and contaminants out, helping to prevent infection.
  • Flexible and breathable, Pocket Pad technology removes fluid from the wound.
  • Apply the bandage to clean, dry skin. Change the bandage daily, when it is wet, or more often if necessary.
  • Single use only.
  • Natural and transparent appearance on the skin.
  • Latex free.


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Weight 1.32 oz
Dimensions 3.90 × 4.10 × 1.18 in