Clips Magnetic with Holder /50 clips (Assorted Colors)

Clips Magnetic with Holder /50 clips (Assorted Colors)


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Bind your work together with our wide assortment of office clips.

  • Reliable and quality. Each pack includes 1 magnetic sleeve and 50 standard size (33mm) paper clips. Smooth vinyl liner helps prevent tears and tears. Rust resistant and durable.
  • Magnetic container. The magnet keeps the clip on top and ready to go. Keep your paper clips neatly in one space. Eliminate tangled clips, cluttered desks or drawers.
  • Cope with any task. The clip is ideal for holding files, documents, papers, notes, receipts, tickets. Ideal for home, office, school or classroom. Make bookmarks, photo albums, business card holders.
  • Safe paper. Bind your work/document, keep large or small stacks of loose paper securely fastened together with our assorted color clips.
  • Colorful cold. The bright colors of the paper clip allow for color-coded organization. The perfect addition to your office supplies, the paper clips can be used for stationery, fasteners, envelopes and much more.

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