Modeling Clay (Assorted Colors)

Modeling Clay (Assorted Colors)


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  • Modeling dough is specially developed for early learning. Soft and easy for small fingers so younger children can create and recreate simple objects.
  • Be creatively engaged with your kids with our safe to use dough products. Help kid enhances their logical thinking ability, confidence, and sensory development.
  • This fine soft and light natural earth clay dry hard solid. Easy to use with modeling techniques. It’s also a snap to clean up; no mess crumbs and dries smoothly.
  • Ideal for adults and kids, age 3 & up. Specially developed for early learning. Kid-friendly and parent-approved! Inspired artistic creativity for little boys and girls.
  • Great for children and favor activity in party, school, and home. Come in a wide range of colors. Anything you make, shape, or sculpt will result in a vibrant and natural look.


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