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Our subscription credit system is designed to make your next annual back-to-school experience even easier and more convenient. You’ll be paying gradually for your next school supplies instead of paying for everything all at once.

Choose the Plan

We offer three plans for you to choose from, catering to your specific needs.

Fill in Your Information

Complete your personal details and select your preferred payment method.

Use Your Savings

Use your account balance to make purchases for the new school year, or whenever you wish.

Choose Your Subscription



The Basic Plan is perfect for parents seeking an economical and convenient option to acquire their children’s school supplies.

$ 10



The Premium Plan is ideal for parents seeking a seamless and comprehensive shopping experience.

$ 25



The Deluxe Plan is the perfect choice for parents seeking an exclusive and personalized experience when acquiring their children’s school supplies.

$ 50

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Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly subscription charges are automatically incurred on the date the subscription was initially made.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by contacting us directly at or by calling (786) 637 2876, where our customer service team will be happy to help you.

By subscribing with monthly installments, you can enjoy special benefits, such as specific discounts on selected products, access to exclusive products and express shipping. In addition, it allows you to credit your account before making the purchase.

The monthly subscription is a convenient way to credit your account before purchasing, for added convenience. You can choose between the different plans we offer. For more information visit our Subscriptions section.